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We are home owned and operated with our utmost attention to your loved one’s treasures. Every Sale is personally conducted by one of US. After going through this process with our own parents we saw a need for this, after all, not everyone can be there to assist aging parents or even ourselves, when the need to downsize OR liquidation arrives. Let us take the STRESS and PAIN of this off of you and your family. We come into your home to clean, sort, stage, appraise, price, market and sell your items. We will empty the entire Estate: house, garage, yard and if requested, leave your house totally clean inside and out for Real Estate listing or closing / settlement soon after signing an agreement.
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Let our Estate Sales and Liquidation Company turn your family inheritance or parent’s Estate into cash for you and your loved ones. We can help you get the most money for your antiques, collectibles and home furnishings in the least amount of time. We advertise, list YOUR Sale on Directories and have a large e-mail list for buyers in the Houston Metro area. We bring with us a solid reputation for giving a clean, organized and complete Estate Sale allowing you and yours to move forward.

What do you need to do before you hire us for an Estate Sale? Absolutely NOTHING! In addition to that, we are in hope that you and your family will leave everything just where it is. DO NOT sort, or throw anything away. Merely remove any family heirlooms and photos that you would like to keep for you and your loved ones, then leave the rest to us. We are here to make your life easier and the biggest favor you can do for us is to let us decide what to recycle, re-purpose, what to throw away and what to sell. You’d be amazed at what we will be able to market. Now relax, our Estate Sale and Liquidation Experts take charge.
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• We have been in business for 9 years
• We have performed over 260 sales
• We have always had this SAME name
• We are the SAME owners, one at all the sales
• We have MANY MANY MANY references
• We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured
• Most employees for the last 4 years
• No cost initial consultation
• No high pressure or hard sell
• We become your sales agent for 40%
• No money out-of-pocket... never ever
• Fast pay, 5 - 8 days after the sale
• We collect hidden personals (family pics etc)
• We sell food out of the pantry
• We sell half bottles of shampoo... REALLY
• We sell Cars, Motorcycles, RVs, Trailers, Boats
• We do NOT sell liquor for consumption
• We sell guns but NOT bullets
• You are WELCOME during set-up and sale
• We get the buyers, usually 250+ each sale
• We limit 26 shoppers in a single level house
• We allow children with good parents
• We are friendly, buyers WANT to see us
• WEB/INTERNET: 5 large sites - .net .org etc
• FACEBOOK: over 6,800 likes on 2 pages
• EMAIL BLASTS: over 5,200 contacts
• We have 4 or more workers at all times
• We provide shopping baskets and hold bins
• We use 2 cash registers at each sale
• We accept cash and credit / DEBIT cards
• We use THANK YOU bags from store dispensers
• We provide wrapping paper and empty boxes
• We help buyers load their vehicle
• We deliver, haul off and install / hook up
• We clean, stage and price EVERYTHING
• We use white Avery 6737 ½”x Ύ” pricing stickers
• We use tablecloths and table runners
• We hang clothes on chrome retail racks
• We make sure the lawn is NOT cut 3 days before sale
• We hang 40+ printed signs through the house
• We use caution tape on uneven floor surfaces
• SIGNS: red screened directional on streets
• 'No Parking' signs w/ribbon 16' front of stop signs
• We put 'No Parking' signs at fire hydrants
• We will discount on the last day, 20% leftover
• Total CLEANOUT after the sale - house ready to sell!
• You get a charity receipt for ending donation
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As Estate Sales Specialists, we are committed to providing our Professional Services with Honesty and Trust at the house. We help without Judgement, Embarrassment... with the Compassion, Respect, Patience and Dignity that is Deserved. We Can Take the Burden Off You and Your Family for a Total Liquidation or Downsizing with a Whole Property Cleanout.
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We do the CLEANOUT!
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We do the CLEANOUT!
We Bring the BUYERS!
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