The commission rate is usually 40% - YOU get 60%. Our commission and charges vary from sale to sale and house to house, depending on:

Challenge of project
Preparation labor time
Hours needed to research values
Marketing and advertising
Distance from our home office
Supplies to prepare and run the sale
Workers needed to complete the sale
Clean up / 'We can take all the TRASH OUT!'
Our Rates...
This is somewhat how we will perform your Estate Sale:

1) Monday: We schedule 5 to 8 hours for 2 people to sort, measure, take pictures of many items for sale to put on the website directories (about 12 'labor hours').

2) Tuesday / Wednesday: Computer and phone work for 3 people to research, describe and post on the websites, directories and sales / marketing outlets. Develop and send a broadcast e-mail list to 4,012 past buyers (about 20 'labor hours').

3) Thursday to the next Monday: Letting the information advance in the Internet Search Engines (Google, Yahoo...) and field phone calls and e-mails about your items (4 to 10 'labor hours').

4) Monday through Thursday or Friday: 5 to 12 hours for 3 to 5 people 'Hands-on' at the sales location for cleaning, staging, displaying, set-up and pricing [EVERY SINGLE ITEM!] for the physical sale (about 100 'labor hours').

5) Saturday and Sunday (Maybe Friday): The BIG SALES DAYS! Placing directional signs etc and on-site working with the buyers at the ACTUAL General Public Sale (about 80 'labor hours').

6) Sunday: 5 to 8 hours for 3 people for another Sale day with disposal and clean-up (about 20 'labor hours').

We do much more than what's listed above!

TOTAL: ABOUT 240 'LABOR HOURS', Really... 240 hours working on YOUR Estate Sale!

And, How much gasoline will we burn at $2.14 per gallon!?!!
This is our promise to you:
 We are very concerned about your satisfaction. We will do everything in our power to make this as painless as possible and as good of an experience as can be. We want you to be so happy that in the end you will write a testimonial to use on our site for future visitors to read and learn from.
For more information or to meet us in person, please call at 713-527-2977. Once more, we remind you that our assessment of your property and your Family’s Estate is absolutely FREE of charge and will only cost you your time. NO high pressure... NO obligation... We look forward to meeting and helping you.
We become an AGENT for you to
perform YOUR Estate Sale
for usually a 40% commission.
You pay NOTHING Up-front!
Other factors may come into play that would alter the pricing structure so it is best to speak with us in person in advance to get a good grasp of what sort of costs or fees we are talking about.
11) As a Guest / Prospective Buyer / General Rules of Etiquette at ANY Estate Sale...
1) Our Services / What we do...
9) General Estate Sale FAQs / Questions...
4) Our Rates / Costs...
10) Myths about Estate Sales...
2) References and Testimonials...
3) Pictures of Our Past Sales...
We make it EASY for Buyers!
We accept Checks (that WE guaranty) and Credit / Debit Cards
We pay you 5 to 8 days after the Sale!
As Estate Sales Specialists, we are committed to providing our Professional Services with Honesty and Trust at the house. We help without Judgement, Embarrassment... with the Compassion, Respect, Patience and Dignity that is Deserved. We Can Take the Burden Off You and Your Family for a Total Liquidation or Downsizing with a Whole Property Cleanout.
On 'BIG TICKET' items such as Vehicles, Grand Pianos...
we charge less commission.
IN HOME SALES: Serving the NORTH Houston Area, Spring, Conroe,
Shenandoah, Oak Ridge, Tomball, Kingwood, Porter, New Caney, Humble, Atascocita, Magnolia, Jersey Village, Cypress, Copperfield, Champions, Klein, Cy-Fair...
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