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We'll go through the Estate Sale liquidation process that we deal with everyday in situations such as yours. We went through it! One of US is there every minute the house is unlocked... hands on! This will leave you feeling more knowledgeable and relaxed about what it is that you are about to go through. Panic and worry seem to melt away once you are informed about the procedures that we go through to ready your home and personal items for complete liquidation prior to emptying your home for you.
To begin, we will visit your home or the residence. We will walk through and do a thorough review of the contents and reach a decision as how to to proceed with an estate sale.
In order to make the sale the best it can be, DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY... we know what sells! We sell food out of the pantry. We sell 1/2 bottles of shampoo! Please get your family wanted items and we prefer that nothing be removed from the sale after our crew comes to work on the house. We do ask that nothing we have advertised, or photographed for the websites be removed prior to the sale as this gives the clients a false sense of bad advertisement or the impression that we have pre-sold items, which WE may or may not do. Personal items... we set aside for your family, all keys, any monies found, fine jewelry you would like to keep, as well as coin collections and guns or extremely valuable family heirlooms. We don’t want anyone to regret selling something that was part of their family and they are unable to replace. We want the end result to be a happy and contented one, never one of worry.

After we have organized your home by bringing a dozen or more tables (TABLE CLOTHS and RUNNERS), chairs, racks for display, 2 CASH REGISTERS and anything else needed to hold your sale, such as tarps and awnings for outside wet weather, we will then price all items and may include a 'Make Offer' on substantial items. We may begin Thursday evening with a 'Preview / Presale' for extended family, neighbors and the buyers on our email blast and Facebook. The general public sale is Saturday from 9 AM until 4 PM... or when the buyers leave! Sunday from 12 Noon to 4 PM / sometimes all remaining items less than $100 will be marked half off (50% discount). During this whole sale period, usually about 250 + buyers will attend!
After setting a date for the sale (please keep in mind - we are sometimes booked out 4 to 6 weekends) we will ask for an appointment of 5 hours to unearth, clean, sort, measure, photograph your items for sale. Within a few days we will send out our 5,200+ Constant Contact e-mail invitations of what is available in your estate to our BUYERS [many hoarders!] and loyal following. We shall send an additional e-mail or more during the four days prior to the sale, adding any significant items we find during the rest of the week. We post on FACEBOOK with our 7,123 LIKES [more buyers]. We list your sale on EstateSales.org, Estatesales.net, EstateSale.com, gsalr.com, Craigslist.org, e-bay.com and more.
Everyone contacts us saying
'We are Overwhelmed'!
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10) Myths about Estate Sales...
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Our goal is three fold: 1) to make this process as painless as possible; allowing us to do the hard work and show respect for our Client(s)... YOU 2) to enable our buyers to find magnificent items to add to their collections at a fair and decent price creating Revenue 3) and in the end, to make a living from a business we love being a part of in every way. With these things in mind, we do our best to please all of the people we deal with, while holding tight to our integrity and following our hearts with the knowledge that we are doing the best job we are able and earning a track record we can be proud of.
With the unsold items, we can coordinate a pick-up from your Charity (ie Good Will, Church - you get the Tax Receipt) and 'allow access' to your cleaning contractors -OR-
We are one of the only Companies that has on-site LABOR to help load large items AND we offer DELIVERY for the little Toyota car owner who wants the sofa but won't fit on top! WE MAKE THE SALE FOR YOU AND US!
We sell GUNS and AMMO.
We get top dollar for Jewelry, Gold...
As Estate Sales Specialists, we are committed to providing our Professional Services with Honesty and Trust at the house. We help without Judgement, Embarrassment... with the Compassion, Respect, Patience and Dignity that is Deserved. We Can Take the Burden Off You and Your Family for a Total Liquidation or Downsizing with a Whole Property Cleanout.
We sell Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Motorcycles, RVs... even sold a BULLDOZER!!!
We offer a Clean-out Service where WE take the items to your Charity (get you the Receipt) and WE remove everything... dry wipe, vacuum and broom sweep. The house will be Market Ready to LIST FOR SALE with a Realtor - or the sale closing / settlement.
NO, NEVER any money from YOU!
Sign the Agency Agreement and receive a check!
IN HOME SALES: Serving the NORTH Houston Area, Spring, Conroe,
Shenandoah, Oak Ridge, Tomball, Kingwood, Porter, New Caney, Humble, Atascocita, Magnolia, Jersey Village, Cypress, Copperfield, Champions, Klein, Cy-Fair...
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• We have been in business for 9 years
• We have performed over 260 sales
• We have MANY MANY MANY references
• We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured
• Most employees for the last 4 years
• No cost initial consultation
• No high pressure or hard sell
• We become your sales agent for 40%
• No money out-of-pocket... never ever
• Fast pay, 5 - 8 days after the sale
• We collect hidden personals (family pics etc)
• We sell food out of the pantry
• We sell half bottles of shampoo... REALLY
• We sell Cars, Motorcycles, RVs, Trailers, Boats
• We do NOT sell liquor for consumption
• We sell guns but NOT bullets
• You are WELCOME during set-up and sale
• We get the buyers, usually 250+ each sale
• We limit 26 shoppers in a single level house
• We allow children with good parents
• We are friendly, buyers WANT to see us
• WEB/INTERNET: 5 large sites - .net .org etc
• FACEBOOK: over 6,800 likes on 2 pages
• EMAIL BLASTS: over 5,200 contacts
• We have 4 or more workers at all times
• We provide shopping baskets and hold bins
• We use 2 cash registers at each sale
• We accept cash and credit / DEBIT cards
• We use THANK YOU bags from store dispensers
• We provide wrapping paper and empty boxes
• We help buyers load their vehicle
• We deliver, haul off and install / hook up
• We clean, stage and price EVERYTHING
• We use white Avery 6737 ½”x Ύ” pricing stickers
• We use tablecloths and table runners
• We hang clothes on chrome retail racks
• We make sure the lawn is NOT cut 3 days before sale
• We hang 40+ printed signs through the house
• We use caution tape on uneven floor surfaces
• SIGNS: red screened directional on streets
• 'No Parking' signs w/ribbon 16' front of stop signs
• We put 'No Parking' signs at fire hydrants
• We will discount on the last day, 20% leftover
• Total CLEANOUT after the sale - house ready to sell!
• You get a charity receipt for ending donation
Call and ask us WHY
and HOW we do all this!
Who we are AND
how we do it!
With a CLEAN BEAUTIFUL set-up and everything priced -
Want a Personal Property Liquidation / Estate Sale BUT you don't know if you have enough?
Have the right items for a successful Estate Sale?
Is your House and Location good to go?

Call us today, we will visit with you at YOUR house!
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