As a Guest / Prospective Buyer / General Rules of Etiquette at ANY Estate Sale
The following is a guide for shoppers more than clients to have a more enjoyable time of coming to the Sales, waiting to enter and buying the items they came to obtain.
Estate Sale etiquette! There are many different ingredients that will help your time spent at any given Sale be more enjoyable both for you and your guests as well as the host presenting the Sale. The following content is more a guide than a rulebook but might be a good list should you be visiting any Estate Sales in the near future for the first time or even if you are already a fan of Estate Sales but find your experiences not as positive as you would hope they might be. By following these rules, you can be sure to have a fun and profitable time on your future visits and also be welcomed back time and time again to upcoming Estate Sales.
6) For most sales, have cash on hand for purchases. Do not expect the sales company to take credit cards or accept your personal or business check if you have not already cleared this with the host company or family giving the sale - WE DO ACCEPT CREDIT / DEBIT CARDS AND PERSONAL CHECKS.
7) Do not push, shove or be too aggressive while shopping, please wait your turn at cases.
8) NEVER shop from the hold tables or touch anything that another person has put on hold.
9) Buy every item you choose for keeps. There are no returns at an estate sale. This is buyer beware territory and when you spend money on something that is broken, chipped or damaged, it is normally priced accordingly. Bring a magnifying glass, your glasses, a small pin / flashlight... anything you may need to choose wisely. Once you buy it, you own it.
10) Bring help loading your large purchases into your vehicle; donít count on the company to have labor to help you load or a truck to bring the item to your home. While some companies may offer this service, many donít (WE DO!!!). Come prepared and think ahead.
11) Bring your own SOLD tags with preprinted name and phone number on them. Do NOT sticker anything sold that you do not plan on buying! This is one of the biggest gripes we have about buyers. They will come into the sale and put their name all over the house on all sorts of items and then lose interest in their choices leaving them for the next day. This is unacceptable. By doing this, you cause the Company or Family selling the items to take less money or be forced to give a discount on the item the next day as you have taken it off the market during the premium hours of the Sale, the initial opening period when folks are all pumped up to spend money. Once the initial opening is over, the crowd dies down and we do not have the momentum needed to get top dollar. This is one mistake we all have a hard time getting past and will land you in the Ďdo not inviteí list. We actually have a healthy list of names of dealers who are not allowed to participate in ANY Sales. Since over 50 houses to empty a year per Company, more than likely you donít want your name added to that list.
12) Watch how and where you park your vehicles; parking in a no parking zone or area will leave you with a healthy fine at least and a towed vehicle at worstÖmay even get dents, scratches and nasty notes from neighbors whose driveways and mailboxes you have blockedÖ.so beware and following signs and warnings of colors and hydrants. PLEASE do NOT walk on their GRASS!
13) Donít bother the neighbors. This means stay off their property; donít sit around in front of their homes, leave them alone and give them their privacy. DO NOT WALK ACROSS THEIR YARD!!!! Put the shoe on the other foot and imagine how you would feel if you had your neighborhood inundated with strangers and cars, noise traffic and over-stimulation of crowds.
14) Upon check out of your item choices, be quiet. Hold your tongue and allow us to add your prices in peace and quiet... making the job for the cashier or pricing person easier. The more you yack, the less chance there is of your getting out as the pricing person will need to go back to the beginning of their job and add all the items again. Also if you picked up a priced item that is tagged $50 or $100, donít act surprised that it does not cost $2. Thanks in advance for being REAL and not making our jobs any more difficult than they already are.
15) Dress accordingly. If going to a digger / PICKER Sale and you may see the place is crawling with spiders, rodents, bugs and is full of dirt and dangerous conditions, donít wear a dress and sandals. Instead bring gloves, dust mask, closed toed shoes, flashlight and the like. Think of what you can do to make your visit easier on both yourself and the host... come prepared.
16) Try not to argue with the host or company that is giving the Sale, let alone the family who is going through this ordeal. Be amicable. Try to put yourself in their shoes and reverse the roles. Treat folks and their property with respect and honor. Remember that in order for you to shop these contents or property, in most cases, someone had to die or be removed to a rest home. Chances are that the loss is still fresh. Think of how you might feel if your own parents had passed and you were forced to sell all of your childhood belongings and family heirlooms to get the family home ready to sell or lease. Imagine the loss and pain you might be feeling and how much worse that would be with some nincompoop coming in and being spiteful or mouthy in the midst of your loss. This is the number one way to get us to ask you to leave by being disrespectful of the family and their ordeal.
17) Wait your turn. Whether you are in line to view jewelry, see weapons, get checked out or to pay the cashier, wait your turn patiently. The quickest way to annoy a cashier or crew member is to act like your personal problem or desire is far more important than the guy in front of you or worse yet, all 10 folks in front of you. Be an adult and wait until you are called and then you will get your question answered in the order people lined up or grabbed numbers. You would not want someone taking cuts in front of you and likewise, others donít want you being helped before them when they came first.
18) Remove your purchases promptly. Donít leave furniture or large items on the property longer than the Sale takes place... not in charge of the home or property after the sale is finished. If you leave your purchases on the property for longer than the days of the Sale, you risk losing your items altogether and having them go back to the family ownership or donated during the clean up the house.
19) You are NOT normally welcome to use the homeís bathrooms but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask!!!
By playing along with the rules of these Estate Sales and making an effort to follow the guidelines listed above, you will be sure to enjoy the Sales, get along with others and still be welcomed back time and time again from ANY of the Estate Sale Companies!

Thanks so much for reading and remember, we will host many sales in the coming months. We hope you will join usÖ
1) We always have a line. BUT IF: Follow line or list rules; sign up, wait patiently for your time to enter and do not leave the premises once your name is on the line list. Enter in order of signup.
2) Do not take food and or drink into the home.. Never smoke on the premises / please don't throw butts in neighbor's yard.
3) Watch your language as well as the volume of your voice; you are not at a ball game or in a bar setting, you are visiting another personís property and they may be there and more than likely they recently lost a loved one and are sensitive to your behavior and your words.
4) Do not litter, bring it home with you or dispose of properly.
5) Have your own boxes and / or wrap for items you will purchase, do not expect most companies to provide them or the labor needed to wrap your items purchased - WE OFFER THESE SUPPLIES FOR FREE AT OUR SALES!
11) As a Guest / Prospective Buyer / General Rules of Etiquette at ANY Estate Sale...
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